Now that is a good job!

By WILLIAM LEE ADAMS William Lee Adams Sun Jan 16, 1:55 am ET

The most important trips aren’t about getting somewhere. They’re about getting to someone. (via

But in an age of mounting airline fees, reduced in-flight services, uncomfortable security pat-downs and multi-day delays caused by erupting volcanoes, it’s easy to forget that.

Amid the cries of “I’ve already paid for my hotel!” and “You need to get me to Atlanta!” anger and inconvenience frequently blind us to the fact that travel is ultimately about people. We also forget that airline employees – bound by big company rules and regulations – get frustrated, too.

Enter Nancy, whose travel triumph, tempered by a great deal of sadness, has turned an unnamed Southwest Airlines pilot into an online hero. (More at NewsFeed: Meet the 13-Year-Old HERO of the Australian Floods)

Nancy reads a blog by Christopher Elliott, a consumer advocate and journalist, and wrote to him about her husband’s recent ordeal traveling on flights from Los Angeles to Tucson to Denver. Their situation makes complaints about leg room look downright petty.

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